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Coffee meets Bikeā€¦

Brew & Bike Co connects with the community at Overlook Bicycles in Woodstock, NY, serving up signature Nitro Cold Brew On-Tap via our coffee bike. Using Nitrogen at high pressure, we infuse our cold brew coffee stored in kegs within the coffee bike. This infusion adds a smooth and creamy texture to the coffee served from special taps, poured carefully over ice. We only use plant based, compostable cups, lids and straws, to further reduce our small environmental footprint. Our menu also includes unique herbal iced teas, cold brew lattes, and regular cold brew iced coffee. For those seeking a unique beverage with added benefits, we offer CBD tincture infusions to any of our drinks. Brew & Bike Co sources CBD from Taiga Labs in California, a cannabis derived, full spectrum oil containing only trace amounts of THC with no psychoactive effects. Come visit us at 93 Tinker Street and try one of our signature beverages.